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Dueling Hearts - A YGO site made with older fans in mind. Kokoro Pazaru - The Seto x Yugi fanlist Eclipse - The Yami no Bakura x Yugi fanlist and mini-shrine Everything You Want -  The "Fire" fanlist Insanity's Angel - The Yami no Malik x Yugi fanlist Pure Genius - The Donatello fanlist Dewa Sarabada - The Shenlon fanlist
Digital Duel - Fanlist dedicated to the Yu-Gi-Oh video games Hatsuento - The Yugi x Seto x Yami fanlisting Broken Angel - The Malik x Yami no Malik fanlisting Kawa wo Kita no Kami - The Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem physical fanlist Kawaii Tenshi - The Yugi physical fanlist Bloody Valentine - the Yami no Yugi x Yami no Bakura x Yami no Malik fanlisting Opposites Attract - The Juudai x Shou fanlisting
SOLITARY DESPERATION - The physical fanlisting for Kaiba Seto CONDENSEDFACTION -- The Approved Yamis Fanlisting Puzzle Solver! - The Yuugi Mutou Fanlisting & Shrine! Yami Yugi.net Unstable: the approved Yami Malik fanlisting Itteru Futari...The Approved Yami no Malik & Yami no Bakura/Thief King Bakura Fanlisting P O W E R D R I V E N - the  s e t o  k a i b a  fanlisting
AIBOU~ The Pharaoh Atemu "Yami no Yuugi" & Yuugi Mutou Fanlisting Thief Lord - The Approved Thief King/Yami No Bakura Fanlisting

Pen & Ink - The Yu-Gi-Oh doujinshi fanlisting

Duelist: Kaiba Seto & Yami Yuugi/Pharoh Atemu Mighty Heart -  A King Mickey Mouse fanlisting Shiroi Sakura - Hikari shipping
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