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What's this all about then?

Like I mentioned on the main page, this is a fanlisting dedicated to Yugi's evolving monster:  Silent Magician.

The Webmistress' Obsession

When I first caught site of her in the anime, I fell hard.  A monster that was both cute and gorgeous?  How could I possibly resist?  From that moment, I was continually scanning the Internet, eagerly awaiting the inevitable U.S. release.  Much to my immense delight, they came packaged with one of the video games, so I was able to accomplish two goals at once:  Get the latest game and add two awesome cards to my dueling deck!  (I'm still hoping they release more of the levels.   That'd be awesome!  *fangirl squeal*)

Why the psuedo-frames?

Let me sum this up in one sentence:  I hate frames.  And since I could fill the page with my rant on the subject I'll stop here.   Just enjoy the fake frames.  ^_^
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