So what's this all about, hmm?

If you're new to the concept of fanlistings, a fanlist is just that.
A list of people who are fans of a particular, song, person, series, pairing, etc.

About our boys . . .

filler.gif (837 bytes) yami.png (17875 bytes)  Yami no Yuugi - The only "good guy" of the three yami.  The spirit of the Millenium Puzzle and the darker half of Yuugi Mutou.  While saner than his fellow yami, he has vicious sense of justice towards anyone who dares harm his aibou, Yuugi.   Yami no Yuugi is the only yami to be somewhat "tamed" by his lighter half, though he begins to regress without him.
filler.gif (837 bytes) bakura.png (17674 bytes)  Yami no Bakura - A thief,  self-proclaimed "stealer of souls", and highly skilled manipulator.  The spirit of the Millenium Ring and his lighter half, Ryou Bakura, couldn't be more opposite in personality.  Alternating between helping the heroes and hindering them, Yami no Bakura has his own agenda . . . 
filler.gif (837 bytes) marik.png (6712 bytes)  Yami no Malik (Marik) - The darker half of Malik Ishtar is quite different from the other two yami.  Yami no Malik was created from Malik's anger over the pre-ordained life he was forced to live.  This split-personality lives for chaos and destruction, and is a dangerous combination of intelligence and madness.


Site title and the original fanlisting were created by Ankhutenshi in May of 2005.

Fanlisting was adopted and re-opened in February by me, Murasaki Rose.  Site layout, graphics, and everything else here were designed and put together by yours truly.  Join form created by Freedback.  Images courtesy of Kokoro Naka and Dueling Hearts.


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