January 02, 2010 - Tiny update.  I updated the rotations and submitted the site to a couple new directories.  ^_^

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August 15, 2009 - Okay I lied.  It's not an update.  Just letting ya know that my first website and the host:  The Asylum Network, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary today!  Go check out the artwork  I did for the splash page! http://www.db-asylum.com  I also noticed that this site just reached it's 4th year yesterday.  *grins sheepishly*

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April 17, 2009 - Micro update.  Updated the links on the splash page along with the background.  Nothing major but hopefully I'll have a full update soon.   *crosses fingers*

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January 02, 2008 - Happy New Year minna!  I know, I know, it's been a while.  But I do have an update to the shrine!  ^_^  I revamped the Adopted page and there are new adoptable Yugi's for everyone to enjoy!  There's also a new pic link up in Fanstuff and I've done some minor editing to the site.

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June 08, 2008 - Nothing big, but I have been updating.  Altered some of the coding in the collective and there's a new pending site:  Shiroi Sakura.   I'm still waiting for TAFL approval before I finish building it though.  In other fanlisting news, Kawa Kita no Kami & Kawaii Tenshi are officially freelance.   Which means I'll keep running and updating them but they aren't a part of any major FL network.  They were part of the Physical fanlistings, but for reasons still unknown, TPFL removed their entire anime section.  I did apply with Taboolistings, but haven't heard anything back from them yet.  I'm not holding my breath.   Sitewise, I'm seriously considering a layout change, but I haven't decided on anything definite yet.

01/06/08 - If you've been peeking into the fanlist collective, then you've already seen the new listings:  Kawa Kita no Kami, Kawaii Tenshi (Yugi physical fanlisting, go join now!), Opposites Attract, and Bloody Valentine, Pen & Ink, and Mighty Heart.   They've all been approved and completed so feel free to join!

I've also managed to update the shrine this time.  Changed the title pic as you've already seen.  And got the fanstuff section up and ready for new submissions.  ^_^v

10/28/07 - Whoa, it's been a while hasn't it.  Well, I've graduated from college and should have a bit more time to work on the site.  I've collected more Yugi pics to add to the galleries and I plan on doing more art and such.  I've also got a Yugi x Yami short fic that'll be up sometime later this week.  For now, I've added joined several rotations and updated some of the listings. 

03//03/06 - Altered the layout some, changed the intro pic, and re-arranged a lot of stuff.  (Including moving all the images off the freeserver and onto this one.)  There's been a fanlisting update this time too.  Dewa Sarabada, Pure Genius, Digital Duel, Broken Angel, and Quiet Strength are all approved with TAFL or TFL.  Next time, I plan on adding the fanstuff section.

09/04/05 - The Profile and links section are up.  Yay!  And as you could tell from the main page, I've joined several archive lists and webrings.  ^_^

08/28/05 - Image galleries are up.  Boy was THAT a massive undertaking.  I should be doing some graphics tweaking over the next couple days.  Nothing big enough to put in the update list anyway.  Anywho, enjoy the Yugi goodness.

08/14/05 - Opening day.  Well, obviously there isn't too much up yet.  Got the tests and the adoptees and that's about it.  Took me forever to find a background that I liked.  Pretty ne?  I should have some more up by the end of the week. ^_~*