Personality tests all with our favorite little omote Yugi-chan.
I didn't write any of them, but I have taken them.  ^_~*


Some of these tests are adult themed in nature, so browse carefully!


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You are Yugi Mutou!
Which Yu Gi Oh Character Are You?
Laboriously developed by: Kitzaku-san
You are wearing the look of Yugi's that says
"I'm really quite innocent, but I'm really
quite a perve!"  It's your large eyes that
do it.  They're innocent-like, but that's not all
they're for, if ya catch my drift.

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Look Are You Wearing?
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What Yu-Gi-Oh Character Are You?
Test by Dan.

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Which Yuugiou Character's Issue are you?
A Kokoro No Naka quiz by Judy


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What Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Are You?
Hosted by Anime. Done right.
The puzzle lies in your possession.  Even though it has virtually no power, it is the key to them all.  It's official power is Unity.  But we all know that's not really a power.  Within it's binding gold pieces is the spirit of a great pharaoh.  When it comes to games, any at all, he can be beaten by no one playing fair.  Even someone who is cheating cannot beat him.  You two have strong connections and will help and love each other.  Aw, kawaii.  ^^

Which Sennen Item Are You Destained To Possess?(Yu-Gi-Oh!)
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You're Yugi!
Which Yu-gi-oh charactor are you?

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You would have sex with Yugi Moto.
He's such a cute little thing.  You could just squeeze the cute little guy...and end up squeezing his dick.  I can tell you are probably a fan of cute things.

Which male Yu-Gi-Oh character would you have sex with?
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You're Yugi.  Ever heard the saying "let he without sin cast the first stone"?   Well, cast away my midget friend.   You are like some sort of living teddy bear with crimson eyes!  You love every one!  You'd probably take a bullet to the head for your worst enemy.  Damn, I'd hate to see what you'd do for your best friend!  I have only one thing to say to you:   KNOCK IT OFF!  YOU'RE MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK BAD!!!  Any way, you're good at every thing and that puts the rest of us to shame.  Oh, look.  You made me sad.  Your shy and often picked on.  Well, that is until you solved the millenium puzzle.  It changed your life.  Once completed, you were granted a yami.  Yugioh, the king of games.  There is no game you can't win and no feat you can't handle.  You saved your self, your friends, your grandpa and the world.   You are truly somethin' special.

Da Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Matcher Uper Thingy
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You're Yugi and Yami!

Which Yu-Gi-Oh yaoi couple are you?
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You have Yugi's eyes!

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Eye are you?
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